In August 2016 I moved to New York City after living abroad in Belgium for 2 1/2 years. For many reasons it is a bitter sweet transition and this move has felt like a very pivotal moment in my life. I am starting a whole new chapter in a new city, yet it is filled with many of the people I am closest to. It is a strange mixture of the familiar and the unknown, of leaving somewhere foreign, but yet, was the first place I chose to make a home. I am coming back to a life where much of my family is right next to me, though I still crave to find my own independence. 

I have decided to take one photograph everyday to document my first year in New York. I began this project with the simple intention of creating an archive and it has already morphed into something so much more. It continues to change and become something new with every passing day. It captures everything from inspirations to the mundane, the deeply personal to deep boredom. I am intently curious to see where this project takes me. 

I will update this page at the end of every month with a new gallery. All photos are taken from my iPhone 6S and have had no editing done to them (except the occasional crop).